(aka Black, The Black Album, The Last Good Metallica Album, The First Bad Metallica Album, The Album before Metallica Turned to Total Crap, etc)

        For most Metallica fans, Metallica was the beginning of the end. The guy that runs Stormclad (my inspiration to start reviewing albums) went on at length about how Metallica lost it, that is until he lost his whole website thanks to a server crash, or harddrive crash or something, with this album, but I digress.

       Thanks to Metallica (the album), Metallica (the band) burst onto the mainstream rock scene, mostly due to the greatness of Enter Sandman. Now I know what you're thinking, this is the part of the review where you talk about how the radio hit isn't a good representation of the album as whole. Well, you're wrong. Every track on Metallica is equal. (Some are just more equal than others)

        Now I like Enter Sandman, but I like it not because of its standing as a song, I like it because for many a year it served as the theme to the high entrance of The Sandman (of pro wrestling fame). ECW holds a special place in my heart as it was what introduced me to some cool music over the years, but Im supposed to be talking about Metallica, not ECW

       The only real problem with this album is that it is too lobsided. It was many a year after owning it that I actually made it from start to finish. It just opens so awesomely with Enter Sandman, Sad But True and the super rockin Holier Than Thou, that once Nothing Else Matters rolls around and slows things down, you're ready to put in another album... In fact, I think Metallica should just cease to be after Nothing Else Matters. Aside from some interesting things on S&M (most of which come from early albums anyways) There's not much Metallica worth listening to after track 8.