Metropolis 2000: Live Scenes From New York

        I've got mixed feelings about this album. At the time having a triple live album with DVD from Dream Theater was awesome. Hearing their best album performed live was awesome. Dream Theater in general was awesome. But then they decided to relase a triple live album after every album, and this one sort of lost its luster.

       Ironically, while I have seen DT put on awesome shows twice, and a decent show a third time, I think the experience loses something when you arent there. The energy of the live shows just don't really translate all that well to discs. Plus the things that make their live shows great, ie instrumedleys and extended jams aren't really found on this album. Sure, this tour saw the creation of the reggae styled Learning to Live segment, and there is a live version of A Change of Seasons, But I just think DT really sounds better on album, or in person.

       Finally, this album has the travesty that is Caught in a New Millenium. Grah.