Miike Snow

        So what do you get when you mix up some piano driven rock, add some reggae beats, and crank up those synthesizers? You get Miike Snow. No, that's not a typo. It's a band from Sweden. And we all know how much I love Swedish bands... especially Swedish Bands who make reggae influenced electronic music. But Miike Snow is leagues beyond Ace of Base and Dr. Alban.

        Their music is pretty insideous and hooks you before you even realize that you love it. Lyrically, Miike Snow is out in left field, but most Swedish bands are. The falsetto singing style plays of the steady beats and synth rhythms that layer in the background. This is the way faggy white boy with piano music should sound.

        As good as this album is, the band is even better live. Their DJ bob is outstanding, and their drummer is a whacked out maniac.