Mind Chaos

       If I will thank The Killers for anything, it's rekindling the 80s new wave sound and while they and most of those bands that got famous back then for putting out a new wave album (The Bravery, Interpol, Bloc Party) have moved on to other things, their started something that other people could latch on to. Also thankfully, its now that period of late 2000s nostalgia for mid-late 1980s.

        While most of the previous neo wave bands (I like to think that I coined that term, but I know I didn't), focused on bringing back poppy 80s synthesizers, a la Flock of Seagulls, The Cure, and Depeche Mode, Hockey brings back a mix of synth, disco guitar, and crazy bass that makes it more Neo-Romantic than strictly neo-wave. Those bass lines may have come right out of John Taylor's songbook. White Man's funk is such a great genre of music.

        And White Man's funk is what you get for the first four songs of this album. The fifth song, presumeably the single, Song Away is awesome. It's more pop than the rest of the album, but has the power to become a great 80s one hit wonder on the scale of Your Love, I'll Melt With You, or If You Leave. Instead, it will probably only have a chance at being a novelty hit, which is sad. Why people think that revival music is always a novelty, I dont know.

       If you get a chance, catch Hockey on their possible climb to fame. I really just hope that the next time I see them, the power doesn't go out.