Operation: Mindcrime

       Seattle Progressive Metal Band Queensr˙che desided to let Geoff Tate write a rock opera about a junkie who is brainwashed into killing politicians and religious figures. Little did they know that it would be their greatest album, one of the top ten rock operas ever, and would allow them to achieve mega success with their follow up album, Empire. And then it all went tragically wrong.

       In any case, this review is about Mindcrime, not about Queensr˙che. Ironically the problems of the mid 80s are pretty much exactly the same as the ones we face today, though the names and countries have changed. The first half of the album builds and builds from I Remember Now through Spreading the Disease. Then theres sort of a monkeywrench thrown in with the two slow songs, The Mission and Suite Sister Mary. Fear not, though, because the best is yet to come. The Needle Lies starts off the second part of the album which can only be described as perfect. The twin odes to broken love (Breaking the Silence and I Don't Belive in Love) come next before Eyes of a Stranger brings the whole album together in the best manner possible. The only album ending that comes close is Brain Damage/Eclipse from DSOTM.

       This album has to be taken as a whole to fully appreciate its greatness. If you listened to the songs out of context, you would just be scratching your head. Even I Don't Believe in Love, which was the big single from the album, has storyline in it. Queensr˙che's best songs come off of Empire, but this is by far their best album.