Operation: Mindcrime II

       Usually when a faltering band tries to dust off a twenty year old concept album and make a sequel in the hopes of regaining their lost glory you end up with something that is more laughable than musical, but somehow Queensr˙che managed to pull off the impossible with O:M2.M

       Maybe it's because they decided to pick up the story twenty years later, using the time Nikki spent in prison to fill the gap. Or maybe, it's just because the same political themes were prevelant in 2006 as they were in the mid 80s

       While the original mindcrime starts slowly and builds to one of the best concept album finales ever, O:M2 does just the opposite, starting fierce with I'm American, The Hands, and Signs Say Go, and then fades away after Nikki's confrontation with a Ronnie James Dio voiced Dr. X.

       This album was an emphatic statement that Queensr˙che was back. Well they were back at least for this album.