Moment of Glory

        As If the opening riff of Rock You Like a Hurricane wasn't great enough as it was, The Scorpions decided to team up with the Berlin Philharmoniker to create Hurricane 2000, which immedieately became the default version of the song. Almost doubled in length, and backed by a symphony, it's easy to see why. Oh, but wait, theres an entire album of Scorpions music backed by a symphony.

        The Scorpions were able to create some of the most emotionally powerful songs in the late seventies and eighties, and that power is made even greater by the Berlin Philharmoniker. Big City Nights, Still Loving You, and Send Me an Angel are projected to even greater awesomeness then before.

        Ironically, the Scorps most emotional song ever, Wind of Change, loses something on this album. I think adding the symphony actually takes away from the power of the song, which stood on the emptiness of the original. Either that, or it just isnt 1989 anymore and I can't make the connection with this song and the re-unification of Germany.

       A lot of people hate the metal band + symphony album, but not I.