Never Be Content

       So after it was realized that Don't Stop wasn't going to be the next Just Dance, Island dropped Innerpartysystem, Jesse left the band, and Kris put away the guitar. They decided to press on, and release American Trash as a single, and depending on how well that sold, release further singles. Thankfully, Red Bull Records jumped on the success of American Trash and a few months later we get Never Be Content. As luck would have it, IPS played a headlining show a week and a half before the new EP dropped, so I got to most of the new tracks that much earlier.

        Never Be Content takes a step away from the sound of the eponymous CD and closer to the roots of the band, which were way more dancy. The EP opens with And Together which, if it doesn't do anything else, makes my point blatantly clear. Someone did make a super trippy video for it on youtube, which is worth a watch.

       Money Makes the World Go Round and American Trash show off that cynical side of IPS first heard in Don't Stop but in a much more refined, purely electronic style. I first heard Money Makes The World Go Round almost two years ago, as it was one of the first new songs they formed to completion, but it sounds so much better in this finalized ep version. American Trash appears as a new mix, but is only slightly changed from the single version.

       Out of Touch and Squid are solid tracks--laid back and groovy with a great mix of ambient and dubstep goodness. The gem of this EP, by far, is Not Getting Any Better. If you were following my tweets during the concert, this song spawned the "Holy shit is this new ips sick ten exclamation points" tweet. If you can listen to this song and not start head bobbing, you have no electronic soul.