Night Castle

When I first read that TSO was touring playing Believe and Prelude to Madness and were working on a second Non-Christmas album, I was ecstatic. I mean, that's the closest thing we can get to a Savatage reunion nowadays, right? Man was I wrong.

From start to finish, this album is just terrible. It is so terrible, in fact you want to keep listening to it to hear how bad it really is. It's a musical trainwreck.

Apparently this album is just a ploy to get TSO's mainstream fans to listen to Savatage. Every instrumental track on this double cd comes from a Savatage album, albeit renamed to protect the innocent. Mozart and Madness from Dead Winter Dead becomes Mozart and Memories, Prelude to Madness becomes The Mountain, and Most of Temptation Revelation is used in The Lion's Roar. Not even the Re-recording of Believe can save this album. While Epiphany hints at that great Savatage five part counter melody, it never delivers. Terrible.