Nine Lives

        Ah, Nine Lives...the Aerosmith album that not only made it to #1 on the Billboard Charts, but contains Pink, which won a Grammy. And wow is it bad.

        There is only one song worth listening to on this whole album and that was the first single, Falling In Love (is Hard on the Knees). I know this totally contradicts my whole "the first single from the album is never the best song on the album" philosophy, but with Nine Lives, it's true. My old pal Desmond Child also appears on this album, penning the extremely trite Hole in My Soul.

        Pink won a Grammy. That alone should tell you that was a horrible Aerosmith song, just like their other Grammy winning songs: Crazy, Livin' on the Edge, and Janie's Got a Gun. This album is a throwaway, and led to I Don't Wanna Miss a Thing. The world would have been better off, if Aerosmith had indeed quit after Pump.