Nobody's Perfect

        What was originally a double live album released during the reunion of the mk 2 line up of Deep Purple, I somehow came upon a stupidly cut down version on CD that only includes 11 tracks. The three tracks that were left off? Dead or Alive, Bad Attiude, Space Truckin. I have heard the version of Space Truckin from this album on another DP comp, and it's nothing really to write home about.

        Deep Purple is at their best live. Even though this is probably their worst live album it is still pretty awesome. There's a lot of stuff on this album that is quirky and that I why I keep it around. From Ian Gillan gobbling along to Ritchie's solo in Highway Star, the two of them making chicken noises in Strange Kind of Woman, some gibberish about soccer and Perfect Stranglers. Jon Lord shows off his keyboard talents before Knocking At Your Back Door, Ritchie his talents during the solo before Lazy, and the whole album is basically a showcase of Ian Gillan mumbling and forgetting lyrics, which you have to love. During Lazy Ian is heard to sing "you don't want to live you dont want... great tits". They break into Buddy Holly's Everyday in the middle of Woman From Tokyo and dont drag Smoke on the Water out all that much. So that's pretty neat too.