Nothing to Fear

       Dead Man's Party may be Oingo Boingo's best studio album, but Nothing to Fear is definitely a close second. Ironically, this was the only album I didn't have during my big college Oingo Boingo phase.

        This is the album that gave us Grey Matter and Wild Sex (in the Working Class). Until about a week ago, I had never heard the non-Farewell recordings of Reptiles and Samurai, Insects or Whole Day Off. Amazingly the studio versions of all three are better than the live cuts off that album.

       The best song on the album is by far the title track, which also appears on the Farewell DVD, but was always less familiar to me because it did not appear on the CD.

       It's just too bad that the 80s had to end, and Danny Elfman had to start writing repetative film scores and become the fourth wheel of goth girl love (along with Tim Burton, Johnny Depp, and Neil Gaiman).