Obscured By Clouds

       This is apparently a soundtrack to a movie that nobody's ever heard of, and it comes off as so from time to time. Some of the instrumental tracks seem to have no character of their own, as if you are waiting for something to happen on a screen.

        This album is proof that not every non Big Three (Dark Side of the Moon, Wish You Were Here, The Wall) Pink Floyd album is worth listening to. In fact, the only song I was familiar with previous to buying it was Free Four, because it would show up on WDVE as a "deep cut" from time to time, usually requested by the caller as "that Pink Floyd song that's not on any of their albums."

       Free Four and Whats...Uh, The Deal? are the only good tracks on the album, the rest is filler. Which is exactly what you would expect from an album that was released sandwiched between Meddle and Dark Side of the Moon.