Pac-Man Fever

        Ah Buckner and Garcia, you used your radio show hosting talents to create the greatest gaming anthem of all time. Nobody ever wrote a song about DDR or Guitar Hero, you lads not only present us with a song about arguably the most influential video game of all time, but also seven other songs about games ranging from the well known and almost as popular as Pac-Man (Frogger, Centipede, Donkey Kong, Berzerk, Defender) to the forgotten (Hyperspace).

        The title track is great, because everyone can identify with having to dump a ton of money into an arcade game... back then because they were novel and addicting... now because an average game at an arcade costs your first born. And of course Pac Man harkens back to a simpler, better time in video games where the object was not to finish a storyline, but to beat all your friends high scores
        Froggy's Lament is actually the best track on the album, simply because its a casio boogie. And everyone who's ever played Frogger knows that those diving turtles suck! The Other six tracks on the album are pretty lackluster. This album definately suffers from Side A Syndrom, as by the end you are left with about Berzerk that consists of like 3 words. Though Goin' Berzerk at least hast that piano intro that makes you think its a serious ballad, up until you here the "Intruder Alert" sound effects from the game.