Paradise Theater

       In 1981, Paradise Theater was the #1 album in North America and for good reason--it is the Chicago band's greatest album. Everything seems to go right on this album--Dennis DeYoung actually writes some rockers and his girly song isn't even that bad. The Best of Times thankfully will now be associated with Big Daddy, making it somewhat memorable.

        While there are bigger Styx songs, there are no bigger Styx albums. There is a nice blend of songs on this album ranging from the pop of Too Much Time on My Hands and She Cares to the rock of the title track and Half-Penny, Two Penny. The big highlights on the album, however are the reggae influenced Nothing Ever Goes as Planned and of course, Snowblind. Snowblind is what Styx should be all the time.

        Sadly, the success garnered by this album convinced Dennis DeYoung that he could get away with making Kilroy Was Here. Sometimes I wonder what 1983 could have been like had Styx continued with the feel of Paradise Theater