Pieces of Eight

       Next to Paradise Theater, I think that Pieces of Eight is probably the best album by the classic Styx line up of Dennis DeYoung, Tommy Shaw, James Young, and the Panazzos. This is probably due to pretty much the same balance of songwriting that would appear on Paradise Theater. Dennis DeYoung isn't allowed to run wild as he would on later albums, and two of Styx's best songs come from this one.

        Blue Collar Man and Renegade are by far some of the best songs Tommy Shaw ever wrote, and even with the latter being associated somehow with the Steeler Defense (and therefore yinzers) I still like it. The filler tracks on this album aren't even that bad, either. Sing for the Day, I'm OK and Queen of Spades are decent. I think that there isnt even a song I absolutely hate. Two good songs, plus the rest decent equals Styx's second best album . I guess thats pretty much expected of Styx.