Polka Party

       Ah Polka Party, Yankovic's first flop. No Madonna, No Michael Jackson = No sales. The album is deserving of it's low sales. First of all, the only parody that wasn't from a movie was Addicted to Spuds, and I'm not sure anyone really wants to hear about somebody's obsession with potatoes.

        The album does have a Polka Medley, and of course that quirky Christmas at Ground Zero, both of which are the standouts on the album. Oh, yeah, and how can I forget Dog Eat Dog. Not quite as good of a style parody as Dare to Be Stupid, but Al does manage to capture the spirit of Talking Heads.

        This album is nowhere near a classic Weird Al offering, but then again, when you put out an album without a parody of song by a legendary artist, it's going to fade off into obscurity.