Pop Trash

        Pop Trash is the second album put out by the Simon, Nick, and Warren line up. Not classic Duran Duran by any means, but the album is definately worth a listen. Pop Trash is a bit of a concept album dealing with the fleeting nature of pop culture and fame. Each of the songs deals with something likely culled from a trashy supermarket tabloid-- Elvis sightings, Personal Ads, Homemade nuclear reactors.

        Someone Else Not Me was the single, possibly trying to score a hit as a breakup song, but really isnt the best song on the album (first singles rarely are). It kind of sticks out from the rest of the album too, with its heavy Beatle influences. The other two slow songs (Lady Xanax and Pop Trash Movie) are definately better examples of the band. The Latter essentially sums up the album-- "we'll all be famous for fifteen minutes" shows up in the refrain. An homage to Andy Warhol, the pioneer of pop art.

        Mars Meets Venus is probably the best song on the album. It's an ode to personal ads set to a catchy rhythm. Nick's keys shine on this track, balanced by Warrens guitar. Last Day on Earth is an unanticipated rocker which also stands out favorably.

        Like I said, this album is no Rio, but when viewed in the context of a pop culture concept album, it does provide some interesting material.