After the success of the Nickelodeon show Rocket Power, Mark Mothersbaugh decided to take a break from just writing songs for Klasky-Csupo animated shows and commercials and put together a surf band called The Wipeouters and write songs in the style of the theme tune to the aforementioned show. The musicians he got to appear on the album were all good friends of his. You may know them as the rest of Devo. So yeah, despite any notions of that North Coast sound, This is actually a Devo album. In fact it has since been repackaged as Devo's The Wipeouters.

        The album is pretty much surf movie soundtrack fodder, with nothing really breakthrough... but then again if you wanted to listen to serious modern surf, you'd listen to Man or Astro-man? or Los Straightjackets.

        Twist And Launch is the best track on the album and definitely gives away Devo's charade (as if you didn't already know). Ravin Surf is also a great song, although more ambient than surf. Luna Goona Park sounds as if its straight out of a Frankie and Annete movie, and I'm pretty sure there is a deliberate nod to MOAM? with Shut Up, Little Man!.

        This is a neat little album to have in your collection, but is in no way a serious recording.