Purple Onion

       Colonel Claypool's Flying Frog Brigade started out as a group put together for Bonaroo. They went an played a bunch of covers of King Crimson and Pink Floyd and such and tore it up so much that they decided to make an album.

       As with most of Les Claypool's music, whether it be with Primus or solo, this album is mostly crazy instrumentation with tongue in cheek lyrics. It comes off as a progressive version of the Dave Brockie Experience, though with less toilet humor. South Park fans my recognize Whamola as it was remixed into the cartoons theme song for a few seasons.

       If you want an album that people will hear and ask "What the hell are you listening to?" then this is the album for you. From the downhome goodness of Buzzards of Greenhill and D's Diner to the craziness of Cosmic Highway and Whamola, you couldn't ask for a more ecclectic record that actually has some coherence to it.