Remind Me in 3 Days

        The Knux were a band that I caught on the first day of Lollapalooza 2009. My note for them in my cell phone was "Rap-Rock that works," and it really does. Maybe, its because I've been listening to way too much top 40 radio lately, but hearing actual rap by angry black dudes is so much better than listening to autotuned songs about having sex on birthdays. Incidently, some random dude was singing Birthday Sex at the top of his lungs while walking down Baum Blvd the other day, and it was hilarious. But I Digress.

        The Knux mix up sick beats with distorted guitar riffs. Sort of a Beastie Boys feel but less odd, and less Jewish. They're songs are just as catchy though. I dare you to listen to Bang! Bang! or Cappucino and not get it stuck in your head. Numerous people have compared them to Outkast, and I can sort of hear it, but I actually like The Knux.

        This is one of two hip-hop albums that I have bought this year, the other being The E.N.D. Remind Me in 3 Days is just as catchy, and doesn't have the downside of having a track being played on top 40s radio every two minutes. Check it out, you won't be disappointed.