Rio is probably the quintessential new wave album, spawning a slew of singles and videos . The album opens with the title track, which is probably one of the most overplayed singles in Duran Duran's catalogue, mostly due to the catchy hook and kareoke friendly "do do do do do do" refrain near the end. The video is definately better than the song, what with hot 80s girls in body paint, but the song isnt terrible. It's got a moving bass line and keys that run all over the place.

        Of course the title track and Hungry Like the Wolf are the big singles, but the lesser known songs on this album are definately worth noting. Last Chance on the Stairway, New Religion and Hold Back The Rain are some great new wave tunes. And who can forget the sexiest song Duran Duran ever wrote, The Chauffeur

        This is the best album Duran Duran put out, and essentially the last album before the bands dynamics changed with the split, (into Arcadia & The Power Station) reformation (for Seven and the Ragged Tiger) and line up changes.