Running With Scissors

       Running With Scissors is pretty much a throwaway Weird Al album, I mean the big buzz when it came out was The Saga Begins... but then everyone went to see The Phantom Menace and suddenly nobody wanted to remember it, even sung to American Pie. And besides, Scott Paulsen already made the best American Based song: French Canadien Guy (a song about Mario Lemieux retiring...the first time).

       Does anyone really want to hear a zydeco song about Eddie Vedder? Or a parody of a song thats funnier in it's original incarnation as Petty Fly for a White Guy. Even the style parodies on this album are pretty bad. Id much rather listen to NIN than Germs, and don't even get me started on Horoscope. Nobody listens to The Cherry Poppin' Daddies anymore either, so why would anyone want to hear Grapefruit Diet.

       The only saving graces of this album are the polka medley and Albequerque. In fact, Albequerque may be second only to Dare to Be Stupid on the list of best Weird Al songs.