Seven and the Ragged Tiger

        Ah Seven and the Ragged Tiger. As amazing as the stuff Arcadia and the Power Station put out, this "reunion" album falls way short of being good. Sure the video/radio tracks are awesome, i.e. Union of the Snake and New Moon on Monday... and to a lesser extent, The Reflex, the rest of the album just pales in comparison.

        While the hits from Rio are complemented, and in some cases surpased by the other album tracks, nothing on Seven is really worth listening to except for the hits. Gone are the moving basslines and steady drumming, and in their place is something that is more Kajagoogoo than Duran Duran.

        I guess Of Crime and Passion is alright, but nothing spectacular. This is definately less of a dance album, and more of a prance album. I'll stick with DD's other offerings.