Sixteen Stone

        Ah the early nineties, back when I used to buy whatever CD was in, because I was a kid with money and nothing else to spend it on. Sadly I wasnt aware that this was also one of the best periods in house, or else I'd have more than just a few compilations. But I digress... this review is not about house music, its about Bush's first offering Sixteen Stone. I remember this CD being massive back in the day, almost Dookie-esque in its amount of singles and WNRQ (The New Rock Revolution... which is now a talk radio station) airplay, and really, it probably deserved it.

        Putting this album in and listening to it more than a decade later brings back some memories, mostly that back then I hated Glycerine and only listened to Everything Zen and Machine Head. Now, of course, Glycerine is one of the first songs I actually learned how to play and one of my favorite songs of all time. I still listen to Machine Head from time to time too, but Everything Zen isnt on my playlist. Not that it's a bad song.