Something For Everybody

        After a 20 year hiatus (Wipeouter's album not withstanding) Devo decided to put out a new album. They had been working on some new songs for a little while--Watch Us Work it was in a commerical years before the album came out--but finally felt the world was ready for a new Devo album and Tour.

        In true Devo fashion, they decided to make a mockery of themselves and their anti-marketing past and chose everything about this album thanks to the work of focus groups. The color of the new energy domes, the style of the touring outfits, even the final order of the songs were created by study. Ha.

        The whole album is upbeat with true gems coming in the form of Watch Us Work It, Don't Shoot (I'm a Man) and What We Do. Don't Shoot even manages to take pop culture catch phrase "Don't tase me bro" and make it into a hook. Ha.

        For those of you who like the weird side of Devo and not their more dancepop side, there's Signal Ready and Human Rocket.

       Devo manages to be new and classic at the same time with this album. A must have for any Devo-tee.