Son of a Son of a Sailor

        I honestly don't know why I bought this piece of crap. Maybe it's because I got it from BMG ages ago, or maybe I thought Cheesburger in Paradise was cool? Who knows? Not me.

        I hate hate hate HATE Jimmy Buffet. I hate his chirpy optimism, I hate his insipid lyrics, and most of all I hate his fans. Moreso than I hate Dream Theater Fans. At least Dream Theater fans dont listen to Dream Theater just so that they can get some sort of Carribean contact high. Oh I need an escape from my mundane life, lets listen to songs about sailing around.

        If I wanted to hear songs about sailors, Id listen to Running Wild. At least they sing about pirates (and almost 30 years before pirate cool was cool). And if I wanted to listen to a song about the Carribean, Id listen to Zevon. The third piano chord of Lawyers Guns and Money is infinitely greater than anything Jimmy Buffet ever did, and yet Zevon isnt selling out concerts around the country in one day, he's dead.