Space Metal

        If you know me, you know I am junkie for sci-fi films. You also know that I love when crazy Dutch guys make up for the countries horrible beer by making progressive music. So when the two combine in Arjen Anthony Lucassen's Star One, I'm almost guaranteed to like it.

        Each of the songs on the album is based on a science fiction film, or in the case of Intergalactic Space Crusaders, a sci-fi tv show. I actually had bougt Star One's Live on Earth cd without knowing what the songs were about. Included in the Inside Out sampler I got from TOD/DTIFC was the live version of Liftoff/Set Your Controls--the only song on the album not directly linked to a scifi movie. Halfway through Songs of the Ocean, it donned on me that Robert, Russell, and Floor were singing about Star Trek 4. After that, I picked up on all the songs movie references and they were all awesome.

        Songs of the Ocean was the song that got me hooked, but Intergalactic Space Crusaders and Starchild kept me interested. The studio album is much better than the Live songs, simply due to the limited production available on Live on Earth. Obviously Arjen can't play every instrument but drums on stage, and to include all the guest musicians on tour would be impossible.

        The three songs not on the Live on Earth album are perhaps the strongest on Space Metal. The moment Sandrider came on I was pumped. After all, Sting was in that movie.