Streets: A Rock Opera

        This album opens kind of flat with Streets. The song harkens to earlier 'tage albums, like Mountain king, with screaming vocals and soaring guitars, but is pretty lackluster, and for a long time, turned me off the album. Once you get past the title track, however, its all good. A monologue from a bum sets the stage for the rock opera, giving a quick intro to the character of DT Jesus before the storytelling begins with Jesus Saves.

       The Album is a mix of hard hitting rock with a few ballads mixed in between, with Jon Oliva adjusting his singing, or should I say screaming, style to represent different characters. Some of the best Savatage comes off this album: New York City Don't Mean Nothin', A Little Too Far, and of course Believe.

        It's a pity that this didn't get released as a double album, although some of the lost material does show up on Global Warming... it would have been interesting to hear it in context. Also, gotta love the cover art that shows Jon in his skinny heroin days.