Strong Bad Sings

And Other Type Hits

       Fresh out of the minds of the Brothers Chap comes this wonderful musical compilation of hits from and inspired by Probably the best thing on this CD are the songs from the email that cd was inspired i.e. You Have An Ugly Butt and A Stupid Butt. And of course the two Limozeen songs which I'll get to in a minute.

       The extended songs from emails are all very hillarious on this album from the duelling guitar solos in trogdor (though i still say meedley wins) the FOOTBALL! in the middle of the The System is Down, and the various other things.

       The Sweet Cuppin Cake's song is brilliant in its absurdity, which is always a plus, but there are a few clunkers on the album. The Marzipan songs, The Coach Z song, the Whatsherface song, Dangeresque, not all that funny, not all that well done, not worth listening to.

       As for the songs by the fake bands, theyre all excellent parodies of the styles that they mock, but the sort of long haired band and Taranchula both fall immeasurably short of Limozeen. Because It's Midnight and Nite Mammas are two minute, three powerchord wonders that sound like they could have been right off the stage of the whiskey circa 1985. Good stuff.