Styxworld Live 2001

        Thankfully Styx decided to put this live album out when they did, because they had their key lineup of Tommy Shaw, James Young, a returning Glen Burtnik on bass to replace an ailing Chuck Panazzo, Todd Sucherman replacing the late John Panazzo, and Lawrence Gowan doing his best DDY impersonation up front.

        The highlights of this album are new live cuts of Ha'Penny Two Penny, Lorelei, Boat on the River, and Crystal Ball. Not to mention the inclusion of Glen Burtniks signature Love is the Ritual. Snippets of High Enough and Sometimes Love Just Ain't enough are pretty neat too, but nothing compares to the Lawrence Gowan song A Criminal Mind. Clearly the best track on the album and the only real reason to own it.

        I saw Styx twice during this era, and their live show never disappointed. Always better live than recorded.