Thank You

        You know, I could have sworn I reviewed this album already, either that or I've started to review it several times and then just quit. But, in any case, Here we go. In 1995, several years after The Wedding Album and several years before Medazzaland, Duran Duran decided to put out a cover album. They even got Grandmaster Flash and the Furious Five to collaborate on the cover of White Lines. Perfect Day made it onto a muzak loop, and then nobody ever heard from this album again.

       This album takes some chances, notably making 911 is a Joke sound like Beck and covering Love and Rockets cover of Ball of Confusion, but that's about it, the other covers pretty much come off as close to the originals.

       Drive By is the only non-cover, and it's essentially just an excuse to put The Chauffer into the album. This album is good for a novelty listen every once in a while, but White Lines is the only song thats better than the original.