The Airborne Toxic Event

        Another band I caught at Lollapalooza '09 that I liked enough to buy their cd. I think my first impression of them was "a good Love and Rockets," but that doesn't really do them justice. This album is remarkably produced.

        There really isn't a song on this album that I don't like. From the opener, Wishing Well, to the closer, The Girls In Their Summer Dresses, this album keeps my attention. The Toxic Airborne Event mixes U2 grandeur with old school blues and rockabilly rhythms to create a solid sound.

        The two biggest standouts on this album are Gasoline and Sometime Around Midnight (Both of which appear as acoustic bonus tracks as well). Gasoline is a raw rockabilly-esque guitar boogie about remembered love. Sometime Around Midnight is probably the best produced song on the album. Starting off with a strings intro and ending with a full on wall of sound, add to that dynamics Mikel's standout voice starting from a quiet cool and ending in emotion wrecked screaming and you have something awesome.