The Download EP

        I actually ordered this before I got Innerpartysystem's self titled album, but Amazon was out of stock, because it was apparently out of production. I thought I could pick up a copy at the first Pittsburgh show I went to, but Kris told me they didn't have any copies with them, and that they were thinking about re-releasing it. Well, re-release it they did, and I snagged it off of Amazon.

        There are only 4 songs on the EP--well, five, but the fifth track is a remix of the fourth. The first two tracks are IPS's big "hit" Don't Stop and Heart of Fire, both of which appear on the Eponymous album, and both sound better on the album. The production values just arent there on the EP. Don't Stop's vocals are rough, and Heart of Fire is just a bunch of noise.

        The three tracks that didn't make the album did so because they are album quality on their own. I bought this mostly for The Way We Move. It was the first Innerpartysystem song I heard (at Lolla 08) and got me hooked on the band. But Night Is Alive is probably the best song on the EP.

        The Download EP isnt as polished as Innerpartysystem, but it's still worth a listen. All the songs are up tempo, with depressing lyrics. And we all know how much I love uptempo songs with depressing lyrics.