The E.N.D.

        Apparently, The Black Eyed Peas are the most listend to band of the moment, or at least, the media makes it that way. There are at least 4 singles from this album out right now, and all the other songs appear in movie trailers, commercials, and what not.

        I bought this album shortly after I Gotta Feeling hit the radio waves, and listened to it almost constantly for like two weeks. It's a great mix of dance, hip hop, and house music, with the occasional pop song thrown in.

        The three best songs from the album are as yet unheard in the mainstream media. Rock that Body samples the best Rob Base clip ever, Ring-A-Ling is probably the catchiest song about booty calls ever, and Electric City is a electronic noise filled romp.

        This album is super catchy, but I don't think it will have much lasting power in the realm of music. It may be the hottest thing right now, but in two years time, it may be as forgotten as the other two guys in the group.