The Name of This Band is Talking Heads

        The Name of This Band is Talking Heads is a unique double live album because it represents the transition of the band from a four piece on the first disc, to the full sound of late Talking Heads with the expanded ten piece group on disc two. Of course it was originally a 2lp album consisting of four sides, all recorded at different times. Thankfully, after an extremely long wait, it was finally released on CD, with bonus tracks.

        While Stop Making Sense will forever be the quintessential Talking Heads live album, TNOTBITH is in no way weak. It is a great chronicle of the band's early sound which, thanks to the popularity of TH post-Speaking in Tongues, has largely been forgotten. Some great tracks are on the first disc: Don't Worry About the Government, The Girls Want To Be With the Girls, Love --> Building on Fire. Good Stuff

       Disc Two is closer to, but still not, the Talking Heads that everyone knows, as it was recorded after Fear of Music and Remain in Light, so that means fan favorites like Life During Wartime and Once in a Lifetime show up. As great as the video for Once in a Lifetime is, it still pales in comparison to a David Byrne live performance of the song. Plus, the band rocks out to Houses in Motion, Born Under Punches, and of course Crosseyed and Painless.

       If you ever wondered why Datarock sounds like they do, this album will make you understand.