The Sign

       Now when I think about Sweeden, the first thing I think of is Ace of Base. Well, actually probably first I think about Abba, Hammerfall, that Oooga Chucka Oooga Chucka song, The Hives, Various other metal bands, and of course theyre hot ass curling team.... then maybe Ace of Base. With good reason too, while Ace of Base may have been the hottest thing to come from Sweeden in 1993 they certainly lack the staying power of any of those bands/curling teams I mentioned before.

       They start off the album with their four hits, so by that time most people stop listening to the cd. But there is just so much to offer with the next 8 tracks that most people are just silly. I mean when you take pop singing, mix it together with Sweden's version of house music performed by the least talented member of a Kraftwerk cover band, and set it all to a reggae beat, you are just asking for gold.

       There is an actual house song on this album, as crazy as it may sound, but it's true. Track number 8, Waiting For Magic (Total Remix 7")... see you know its a house track when theres some sort of inch number or the word "mix" in parentheses following the title. Well, actually depsite the fact that this song has the same piano chord progression of every other house song, and the digitized singing intersperesed on the waiting for magic line, there is no rapping, so I guess when I said there was a real house song, I was lying.

       They do, however try their hand at Europop with the next track, and you can tell 'cause the title and, therefore, the chorus is in French. Voulez-Vous Danser. When they fail at that, they go right back to trying to make a house track with My Mind (Mindless Mix). This song has the house cliches that are absent from the first attempt, most notably the music stopping for no reason at times, and the incessant repeating of meaningless phrases... in this case "Everyone, Everywhere" which is followed up twice with another house cliche when a different voice comes in with "Dance... or fade out". Hillarity

        And speaking of hillarity, the disk ends on a truley salient track with the Banghra version of All That She Wants. Though theres no singing in hindi, so thats sort of disappointing. All In all this disc is very dissapointing. If I wanted to listen to an attempt at Swedish raggamuffin, Id just stick with Dr Alban.