The Spade

        Butch is back, baby. After the rather alt-country I Liked You Better When You Had No Heart, the amps were cranked back up, the pop hooks came back, and a good old fashioned power pop album took form.

        Yeah, Butch makes all his money writing songs for other people, but that's what makes it easier for him to put whatever album he feels like putting out at any given time. None of his six albums sound like each other all that much, but each has his unique stamp that make them noticably Butch.

        Summer of '89, Day Drunk and Every Single Body Else are examples of great American music. Synthesizers is like a lost Beatles song... like a good Rocky Raccoon. Dublin Crow is simply amazing.

        Butch got my interest at my first Lolla, forced me to go to a Train concert, and listen to Avril Lavigne and Weezer songs, but when you hear his solo stuff, it's not hard to see why. Quirky, supremely produced (duh) and catchy. Butch is what pop music should be. Not that Katy Perry shit.