Throwing Copper

        You know, for the longest time, I threw this album into the binder with the other crap that I bought back when Alternative Rock hit the mainstream... you know like with REM's Monster and The Smashing Pumpkins' Siamese Dream. Most of the reason why had to do with Lightning Crashes being played all the time. That song killed Live for me. And its overplaying made me forget how great this album is.

       Selling the Drama, I Alone, All Over You. All classic tracks. All singles. Along with Lightning Crashes, of course. Its amazing that this band that is mostly forgotten had 5 top 15 mainstream rock tracks off of one album.

        The other tracks are just as good. Live manages to bring that Rusted Root/Blind Melon jambandness, Henry Rollins anger, and alternagrungy rock riffs together for one of the best albums of 1994