Tonight: Franz Ferdinand

        When I first heard that Franz Ferdinand was writing a "disco" album, I was preparing for the worst. I mean anytime a band sets out to make a certain type of album, it usually is a flop. What I didn't realize was that Franz Ferdinand's brand of garage rock set to a new wave beat works perfectly if you just throw in a few more keyboards.

        Although Ulysses is the single, once again it falls under the rule that it's not the best song on the album. That title goes to No You Girls. It's got everything you want in a song, a viral hook, driving beat, and disco guitar. The next song, Send Him Away channels early Pink Floyd towards the end, so that's always good. Then there is the album's party track: Bite Hard. Perfectly produced and definately the sort of song to get a drunk en crowd going.

        Probably the only real departure from Franz Ferdinand;'s sound comes in the tenth track, Lucid Dreams. The last 4 minutes of this track are an electro-psychadellic romp. Not that that's bad. I happen to love that sort of music (after all I listen to the Barbarella Soundtrack on a regular basis).

        It's pretty hard for a band to make an entire album that I like without skipping songs over, let alone three. This is the power of Franz Ferdinand. Maybe it's just that I'm in a big electro-rock phase right now, or maybe it's just that the best elecro-rock albums are coming out over the past year, but this album definitely has my early pick for album of the year.