Amazon has this as one of their best albums of 2011. I don't know if it's that great, but I do like it.

       FTP managed to sell out a show at Mr. Smalls months in advance, and commanded a giant crowd at Lollapalooza, based solely on one thing. Pumped up Kicks. After hearing Pumped Up Kicks every ten minutes on the radio this summer, I really started to hate it. But thankfully the rest of the album is nothing like Pumped Up Kicks.

       I can really only describe their sound as "hipster music" but it's at least high energy, upbeat music. Yeah, they sound a little bit like MGMT, but for some reason I like bands that sound like MGMT more than I like MGMT.

       If you love Pumped Up Kicks, you probably won't like the rest of the album. I never saw so many people reach for their cell phones when a band played one song as Pumped up Kicks at Lolla. Houdini, Warrant, and Call it What You Want are the true gems of this album.