Village Lanterne

       Another Blackmore's Night Album I picked up by chance alone, I had no idea a new album was out, but I saw it in a store and grabbed it. Again, It's a standard Blackmore's Night offering--medieval folky stuff mixed in with Rainbowesque rock.

All in all I think I like about half of every Blackmore's Night Album. The medieval stuff is neat to listen to every once in a while, but the band really shows off thier power, once again in the covers. Joan Osbourne's St Teresa, Rainbow's Street of Dreams, and Deep Purple's Child in Time are the highlights of the album, with Candace's great voice putting a different spin on the songs. The bonus Duet of Candace and Joe Lynne on Street of Dreams is a great touch too.

Of course, BN's other talent is the sappy romantic rocker, in this case Just Call My Name. It's when listening to songs like that and the other rocker It Guess It Doesnt Matter Anymore that I wonder why there aren't more rock bands fronted by women, or at least that incorporate women singers into the mix. (Evanescence, or however you spell it, doesnt count because they released crap like My Immortal and attatched it to a shitty summer blockbuster type movie thereby cementing it onto the radio)