The Wake of Magellan

        Since I describe Scenes From a Memory as "Dream Theater's Wake of Magellan," then I suppose I can only describe this CD as Savatage's Scenes From a Memory. None of the songs stand out from any other, but they are all necessary to the album and flow extremely well. A concept album (nothing new for the 'Tage) in two acts, based on two completely different stories makes for some good listening form start to finish.

        Like most Savatage, Wake is mostly about redemption. Especially with Jon's two songs Another Way and Paragons of Innocence, and Zach's last four which chronical the story of the sailor, which I suppose is the Wake of Magellan proper. Packed into the last five tracks of the album are two instrumentals, two examples of five part counter melody, and of course the introspection that is just pure Savatage. This album is right up there with Streets as the two definititve Savatage offerings with the former representing the Criss Era, and the latter the Return of Jon.

       Also included on the album are some bonus tracks which are basically Jon and his piano. Singing a tribute to Criss with his medly of Somewhere in TIme and Alone You Breathe, lending his voice to Sleep (a song Zach usually sings), then picking up the guitar to sing a lost song from Streets, Jon essentially creates a real life When the Crowds are gone.