Wayward Fire

        This an exciting moment for me. I am streaming the first offical release from Kamtin Mohager, a.k.a. The Chain Gang of 1974. This album doesn't officially come out for another few days, but Paste Magazine is streaming it on their site. For those of you not keeping along at home, I first witnessed the magisty of TCGO1974 at a 3Oh!3 show, oh so many years ago at Diesel. Saved the show at The Garfield Artworks last year, and am proud to be one of those people who aren't just hearing his 80s sound for the first time. All new fans should have to suffer through The Clothes I Wear Make Me Good Looking before they hear this album. (I keed, I keed).

        The album starts off with some White Guts material, namely Stop and Devil is a Lady. Both of those songs were perfect on the demo album, and both appear pretty close to the original. Hold On is up next with a brand new mix, and a definite improved sound. The sweet, drawn out electronic ending is second only to Innerpartysystem's Not Getting Any Better.

        Heartbreaking Scream is the first "new" material on the album, and if anyone could capture the excellent music of the future from Bill and Ted's Excellent Adventure, Kam seems to be the one to do it. I thought Matter of Time was a good Robbie Robb jam until I heard Heartbreaking Scream. Undercover is another superb track, as is Teenage Drugs

       Ultimately, while other people are copying 80s dance music, Kam has stretched into less often heard 80s pop. Mixing up influences from everyone from Talking Heads to Simple Minds, with modern sounds of Miike Snow thrown in there, Wayward Fire is a great album. If there ever was someone who should write the soundtrack to Bill and Ted 3, Kam is the guy to do it.