Weezer (Blue Album)

        Back in 1994, Weezer decided to put nerd rock onto the map mostly by creating one of the most innovative videos of the day. Using the 90s nostalgia for the 50s nostalgia of the 70s, Weezer inserted themselves into an episode of Happy Days... and the rest is history.

        While I really liked this album in 1994, it was mostly because I was 13, and I liked anything that was popular. Listening to the album now, it's not that bad, but thanks to my overplaying of Buddy Holly, Undone and Say It Ain't So (well not really my playing of the last one, one of the people who lived on my floor freshman year of college used to blast Say it Ain't So every day. ha) this album doesn't get much play in my rotation. I think Pavement pulls of this sound better than Rivers and company, as their raw sound doesnt seem as much owed to the distortion pedal. One thing that I do like about this album is In the Garage, mostly because I knew exactly what they were singing about. I don't think many of Weezers early nineties fan base played d&d or read comic books. Just sayin.