What Doesn't Kill Us

        I found out about What Made Milwaukee Famous a few years back (2005ish) when I only had super-basic cable, and pretty much just watched PBS all the time. What Made Milwaukee Famous played on the same episode of Austin City Limits as Franz Ferdinand. Hearing Building A Boat from the Boards in Your Eye got me hooked. So when I saw that they were coming to Lollapalooza in 2008, I was psyched that I could get to see them.

        What Doesn't Kill Us is a fantastically produced pop-rock album that runs the gamut from introspective break up songs like Cheap Wine and Self-Destruct to up tempo boogies like To Each His Own and The Right Place

        What Made Milwaukee Famous seems to be one of those bands that comes around every once in a while that makes music that everybody likes, like The Clarks or the Gin Blossoms, but don't really garner much fame. Which is sad. These guys are too good to be playing bars in Texas.