Without a Sound

        Hey look it's another early nineties alterna-rock album picked up by myself based on the fact that the video for Feel the Pain was super kickass, and I haven't actually listened to the entire album before this. For those of you who dont remember 1994, Dinosaur Jr released an instant buzz hit with Feel the Pain, which got mega MTV play thatnks to the video that featured the two guys in the band drving all around an urban setting in a golf cart and playing golf off of lies that even Tiger would probably deem unplayable. That said, unlike Blind Melon, this album is not much more than the video of its radio single.

        This album is completely uninteresting. Drawing from the grungier side of early nineties alternative, it's mostly distorted power chords and disinterested singing. Every once in a while a guitar solo is thrown in, but they aren't enough to save the album. All the songs sound pretty much the same, and all are equally unenthusiastic. Maybe if I were strung out on heroin this album would sound better.