You've Come a Long Way, Baby

       Sometime in the late nineties, the people that control stadium music around the world grew tired of Are U Ready for This? and We Will Rock You and replaced it with a few tracks off of some English DJ's album. Throw in a Spike Jonze directed video for Praise You, and Fat Boy Slim was finally famous on this side of the pond.

        Fatboy Slim pretty much inspired the entire soundtrack to every EA sports game with this album. At a time when house was being phased out as the techno music genre du jour, Fatboy Slim's beats managed to take over all the market share.

        I don't listen to this album as much as I should, because I really like it, I just never remember I have it. Plus, I've always wanted to try my hand at Kareoke-ing The Rockafeller Skank.