Devin Townsend presents

Ziltoid the Omniscient

        A lot of people come up to me on the street and ask me things. For example the other day I was minding my own and this guy comes up to me and says "Dude Love, why is Devin Townsend (Canada's Answer to Dave Brockie) the greatest Canadian metal artist of all time?" My answer, of course is Ziltoid... and if there were two answers, Ziltoid would be both.

        See, what makes Devy great is that he spits time between noise and screaming with Strapping Young Lad, and noise and screaming with some clean vocals thrown in with Devin Townsend Band. Ziltoid combines the best of these because it is pretty much a solo endeavor. Devy does everything himself, a la Arjen, except instead of getting Ed Warby to do drums, Devy lets a drum machine have at it, which is perfect for a SciFi concept album.

        What makes Ziltoid great, (aside from the fact that it is a concept album) is its story. A 4th Dimensional Being known as Ziltoid threatens to attack the earth with his custom 7 string ESP Baritone because he wants a cup of good coffee. This leads Captain Spectacular to seek out a 5th Dimensional being (didnt he get to number six with Baby, I Want Your Love Thing). Ziltoid responds by trying to summon a 6th dimensional creature. When he can't he gets despondant, bue realizes that Captain Spectacular probably had a 7th dimensional being lined up.

        The lyrics in Ziltoid are cheesier than Electric Castle. So that automatically makes it awesome. Plus, just look at that cover art. I declare Ziltoid the greatest album of 2007. Eat that, Systematic Chaos!