Zoot Suit Riot

        Nothin' like a swing revival cd from 1997... especially one that i only bought because it seemed like the thing to do at the time. How this band was more popular than the more talented swing revival bands is beyond me. Maybe its because the guy is named Steve Perry but sounds like Dennis DeYoung, and white kids love corporate rock.

        This album is the epitome of why swing didn't stick around. Every song has lyrics straight out of the 50s, but with extra raunch that wouldn't have made it past the censors back in the day. I remember being in the stage band in high school and pretty much everyone begging to play Zoot Suit Riot. Thank god we grew out of that.

        I don't know if any song on this album could be considered anything but a novelty song. When they aren't ripping off old songs, they're playing ska. Could anything be worse? Well I guess there is Jimmy Buffet.